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Wedding and portrait photographer located in Athens, GA and Los Angeles, CA



Your wedding day is unlike any other wedding. The details that you have thought non-stop about are as unique as you are. The special moments that you will create are your own. It's your dress, your venue, your flowers, your first dance, your day. I strive to create an experience that is just as creative, unique and beautiful. While I always pay due respect to the traditional wedding photos, I am most passionate about things that happen naturally - the loving gaze, a tender kiss, the emotions that inherently show on your face. I want you to be able to recall exactly how you felt the first time you saw your loved one in that handsome tux or that beautiful gown.

Your portrait session deserves the same attention to detail, creativity, and style that SHP weddings receive. It is my goal and desire to provide you with an experience that you would want to repeat in the future.